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Loro Piana’s range of exclusive footwear contains the softened rugged soul of best men’s boots in suede. This natural suede is a soft, noble material, treated to ensure consistency and appearance. The elegant men's boots provide protection and warmth with a signature Loro Piana pleasantly light feeling in each step.

Elegant men's boots in soft suede
Loro Piana elegant men’s boots include unique models in drip proof and stain proof suede. Special treatments applied during the manufacturing process guarantee maximum protection for the upper, whilst a final shaving treatment leaves the footwear compact with a highly silky feel.
Suede is implemented in Loro Piana boots with distinctive design, crafted in rounded lines that sit perfectly on side inserts and contrasting trim. The sole is specially treated to ensure maximum comfort, with a processing method that makes the boot comfy whenever it is worn.
Men’s boots: A perfect combination for elegant, but informal outfits
Suede men’s boots by Loro Piana are ideal footwear for everyday use. An elegant yet sturdy choice for spring and autumn, they are fastidiously designed to protect feet from the elements whilst never sacrificing comfort. Crafted from the most prestigious, noble hide, they are painstakingly developed to offer an impeccable fit.
Men's boots can be styled to create a casual but elegant look, pairing them with turned-up trouser hems that brush the top of the boot. For a more formal outfit, the boots can be worn with slim-fit trousers in stretch cotton satin, completing the look with a lightweight quilted suede bomber.

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